Monday, November 20, 2006

Interview with a classmate

Yesterday in our class,i made an interview with my friend in another class,It's a very important experience.Her name Hongling,her surname Zhu.She comes from China,She's 31 years old.She is married.She doesn't have any children.She was born in 3 July 1974.She lives in Rockdale.She arrived in Australia in November 2004.


Last Christmas,whilst visiting Russia,I decided that I would make my visit full of lasting memories and than i would make a photo album of all the places I visited.I decided that the photos would be taken from the point of view of a photographer's mind.I wanted to portray an image that told a story from every photo that I took.My pictures see coldness,I see no life,snow covered trees,and empty benches with no one seated;a street with no people but only fields with snow a castle with no guards,white skies white snow,lots and lots of snow,only one person riding his bike in a very thick cover of snow.Allthough there are no people wondering about.I beleive I see a magic in winter and there is a beauty at this time of the year.This picture I see is only for one to sit and glare at.A sight too hard to describe. Only your eyes can imagine.So my story goes.


My name is Nada,i have recently arrived from Lebanon;I'm living now in Sydney,Australia,with my husband.My family are all back living in Lebanon.I'm alone in Australia.I am married and currently pregnant with my first baby.I was studying at the university of Lebanon(undertaking Sociology). Once,i have completed this i will carry on with a doctorate in Sociology.My husband is a real state agent.On Friday,we go shopping but on Sundays it is our family day.Each evening,we generaly have dinner,watch T.V and my husband likes to read a newspapers.We live in a house.I'm very happy living in Australia with my husband.Australia is a beautiful country,and I'm very happy living here.